Kawardha PalaceIntroduction

Kawardha is a small town in Kabirdham district of Chattisgarh State in India. It located in Maikal range that passes through Central India. It is a historical tribal town. Its name is inspired from Kabirdham. It is said that Saint Kabir spend long time in this region and later the establishment of the seat of descendants of his disciple Dharmdas , it was named as Kabirdham. It is a extremely peaceful & naturally beautiful place located on the southern bank of river Sakari.
About 18 km from District Headquarter, Bhoramdeo Temple is a very important place historically and archeologically. It is popular for erotic sculpture work similar to the work done in Khajuraho temples. This place was the capital of Nagvanshi kings from 9th century to 14th century. Later it came under possession of Haihayvanshi Kings who were related to state Ratanpur. The Archaeological remains of the temple and old fort constructed by these kings are still available.

Kawardha Palace
Kawardha Palace is important attraction for tourists in town. It is a heritage hotel run and managed by royal family of this region. Kawardha is surrounded by breathtaking scenery & fascinating reminders of India’s rich cultural heritage. Palace was build in the year 1930 by Maharaj Dharamraj Singh. It is spread over 11 acres of land using the best Italian marble and stones. Considering the way guest was treated, it is more of a private guest house then of a hotel. Here one can experience the lavish life-style of grand traditional of a long forgotten standard of living. The palace belongs to the Royal family of Kawardha State where one can trace the history of area and royal family.

Bhomemdeo Temple
It is about 18kms from Kawardha and is popularly known as Khajuraho of Chattisgarh. Its temple was built in between 7th to 11th century AD by King Ramachandra, king of Naga Dynasty. Temple contains religious and erotic sculptures work done on rocky stones in Nagar style. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has resemblance of Sun temple of Konark & Khajuraho temples. Close to Bhoremdeo their is another historic monument to visit called "Madwa Mahal".
Bhoremdeo temple is divided into two parts: Ishtika made temple & Stone carved temple. It is spread over an area of 60x40ft. Temple includes Mandap (shelter), Antral (Passage) & Grabha Grih (main part of temple for god). Mandap is in square shape with 04 pillars in centre and remaining area is under high roofs. Temple is east facing. Their are about 54 erotic sculpture based on "Kamasutras". Temple is in front of a lake and its base is about 5ft. from ground level. Other

Geography & Location
District Kabirdham is spred oven an area of 4447.05 Sq Kms. and area between 21.32' to 22.28' North latitude and 80.48' to 81.48' East longitude. District boundary touches Dindori in north, Bilaspur and Durg in east, Rajnandgaon in South, and District Balaghat in west. All this area is populated with tribal people. The northern and western parts are surrounded by Maikal mountain ranges of Satpura. Satpura ranges in Central India is known for dense forests, wildlife and tribal population who are living is forests since long time and are almost untouched from rest of the world.

Here the highest peak is Kesmarda in Maikal mountain which is 925 meter high , while the minimum height is 320 meter. The central, east and southern part of the district is plain in compare to northern & western part which is hilly. Mainly Black,Kanhar and Dorsa soil is found in the district, in which Nitrogen, Alp Potash and Sulphur is available in medium quantity, whereas Zinc and Sulphur elements lack.

The main rivers of the district originate generally from Maikal mountain range. Haf, Phok and Sakri rivers after emerging from north-west of the district flow towards south-east and in the end after going in District Durg fall in river Shivnath, whereas Phen,Halon,Banjar and Jamunia rivers flowing towards west fall in river Narmada. There is no all weather rivulet except Saliha Nala in the district. The climate of District Kabirdham is temperate, where the maximum temperature in summer is 45°C and the minimum temperature in winter goes to the lowest of 14°C only.

Kawardha PalaceHow to reach
Kawardha is small town on the way from Kanha National Park to Raipur or vice-versa. Distance information from important points is as follows:
  • 90 Kms from Kanha National Park
  • 170 Kms. from Raipur city. It is important airport & railway station for reaching Kawardha.
  • 140kms from Bilaspur city which is again a important railway station to reach Kawardha.

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