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Note: Kanha National Park remains open from 01-Oct to 15-June. Every Wednesday, evening safari remains closed.

Kanha's sal and bamboo forests, rolling grasslands and meandering streams stretch over 940 sq km in dramatic natural splendour which form the core of the Kanha Tiger Reserve created in 1974 under Project Tiger. The park is the only habitat of the rare hardground Barasingha (Cervus Duvaceli Branderi). Some of the prominent area inside Kanha National Park are : Bamhnidadar (Dadar means Meadows), Lapsi Kabar, Nag Behra, Dig Dola, Kisli, Sonf Meadows, Shravan Chita, Dasharatha Machan, Shravan Taal, Barasingha Enclosure etc.

By a special statute in 1955, Kanha National Park came into being. It year 1973 with the introduction of Project Tiger in India, 9 National Parks from all over India had been selected for Tiger conservation project in which Kanha National was one them. Since then, a series of stringent conservation programs for the protection of the park's flora and fauna has given Kanha its deserved reputation for being one of the finest and best administered National Parks in Asia, an irresistible attraction for all wildlife lovers and a true haven for its animal and avian population. Their are 3 entrances Gates in Kanha Tiger Reserve : Khatia (Kisli), Mukki & Sarhi. All wildlife resorts are within 3-6 kms radius of Kanha Tiger Reserve in buffer zone. Nature trail is available in Kanha Khatia Gate & Mukki Gate.